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Monday, April 10, 2006

The Little Ones!

One thing I like to do is to look at a very wide variety of gardening subjects.

My sincere hope is that each finds a place in your gardening life.One such desire of mine is to see children exposed to the exiting possibilties of gardening. I know it was my experience at the age of 9 that made me a lifetime gardener, too. So why not make sure you bring your children into the garden you are creating as often as possible?

We know from our observations that gardens encourage creative thinking and multidisciplinary learning in children of all ages.Reference materials which support this idea include back issues of National Gardening Association's Growing Ideas newsletter, especially the Spring 1991, January 1992, and April 1992 issues. And the Growing Ideas catalog contains various books, curricula, and supplemental materials for gardening classrooms. These are available by calling 1-800-538-7476. (Back issues of Growing Ideas cost $2.50 each.) You might also try calling the LifeLab Science Program. They may have some further resources for you. Their number is 408/459-2001.

That's the tip today.

All in the hope that your 'little ones' can discover the real pleasure and sense of belonging to earth, sky, sun and plant life you and I enjoy so very much.Victor K. Pryles

P.S. You may have kids--or you may be an aunt or uncle--at the very least, the children in your neighborhood might get curious as you do your magical work in the garden. Invite them into it and pass on your knowledge to the next generation at every opportunity Tester. The world will thank you! http://www.creativepops.com/garden.index