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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Two Items You Must Have

In a moment I'm going to tell you about a new purchase I made that has been thrilling!

But, I nearly forgot to clue you in on one of my most important tricks of the trade.


Two items. A notebook and a camera.

Every day I work in my garden I end with a few minutes spent writing notes in my notebook. This little treasure is a great way to capture my thoughts about what I accomplished, what I envision, and what I hope for in my garden. I note problem areas I need to work on, special circumstances I just noticed and any thoughts about the world of gardening that occured to me that day.

What a lifesaver these notes can be!

Next, at the beginning of every season I buy one of those very inexpensive "disposable" cameras. At least once a week I journey out to my garden and snap a picture or two of an area I'm interested in. Then, at the end of the day I place the camera and notebook away. Most of these little cameras have 24 photos in them, that usually will last me through the growing season. When winter comes along, I get prints made and then place them directly into my notebook for future reference.

Believe me, it's true. A picture really is worth a thousand words! Give this a try, and start making a few notes and taking a few pictures as you go about your garden work.

Both will become personal treasures for you as the years pass (all too quickly).


I just purchased the most amazing garden help. It allows me to do my own seedling work and other wonderful gardening chores that help me get a jumpstart on each season.

What is it?

The Green Thumb Hobby Greenhouse is the perfect weather-resistant combination-smooth, strong, totally maintenance free resin framework with tough safety glazing. Provides UV protection, proper air circulation, heat control and simple push-fit assembly. It is perfect for getting a jump start on your growing season!

Start your own seedlings and transplant them in a warm environment until weather permits outside planting.
Save money by starting your own vegetable plants and flowers right in your own backyard.

Attractive barn shape design gives more headroom and growing space than the traditional A-shaped glass houses.
Twin wall polycarbonate panels offer the best in strength, safety, light diffusion, and heat insolation. One roof vent comes standard.
Size: H: 6'6" x W: 6'6" x D: 6'6"

Take a look ! Just click here