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Friday, May 05, 2006

Sloping Lawns

Sloping Lawns...

with their steep dips can make maintenance difficult. The mowing can be treacherous, physically challenging and very time-consuming.

One solution is to remove the lawn on a steep slope and plant the area with shrubs, ground covers, or both; plants that bind the soil with creeping roots are best where the grade is particularly steep. Plants that trail, weep, or arch look stunning as they gently caress the slope. English ivy is an excellent choice, usually.

Low spreading shrubs like cotoneasters or junipers also look attractive and provide a low-maintenance solution to slopes.

It's important to prevent erosion on slopes until ground cover establishes itself. Rather than stripping away the sod, which could be tricky on a steep slope, you might want to kill it instead, leaving the dead plants in place. Herbicides are made for this chore but more eco-conscious gardeners can place a black plastic weighted down with rocks, or use a thick layer of wood chips to accomplish the same thing.

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