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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Old Wives Tales

Have a really neat tip today for your vegetable garden. Even though there hasn't been a lot of extensive research on which species can best be planted together to help each other prosper, gardeners observations have been around for centuries.

This folklore is pretty good stuff! Some gadeners swear by the following:

* Plant parsley near asparagus to improve vigor.
* Radishes grown near lettuce are more tender.
* Petunias help repel bean beatles.
* Beets interplanted with onions will stifle weeds.
* Dill or caraway will help repel cabbage moths.
* Tomatoes hate fennel; keep them apart.
* Beans don't do well near alliums (garlic, onions, chives).
* Nastrurtmiums attract aphids and deter cucumber and bean beatles.

Of course, lots depends on climactic conditions, the nature of the soil and the overall health of the plants in your garden. But these are more than 'old-wives tales' --they really are true. So, keep them in mind when designing your vegetable garden!