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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Self-Sowing Annuals

Hello Fellow Gardener, -Here we go! "The Weekend Gardener"- The Busy Persons' Guide To A Beautiful Backyard Garden!

If you think about it, gardeners are a very old breed indeed.

In fact, I'd venture to say that Adam himself had to enter the Garden Of Eden and tend to things---especially that apple orchard he was given. So welcome to the ageless adventure of gardening.

In this first session together I want you to realize that these tips are really just a way to start a special conversation between you and----your garden. Each day I'll present a typical gardeners concern and then a solution both of which will best be used as a sort of 'conversation' starter for you and your little plot of land called a garden.

Let the dialogue begin:

You read in my book about self-sowing annuals (if not you certainly will) but you may wonder which are truly best at this enterprise.

Great self-sowers include:
Alyssum calendula

They work great because you only have to plant them once and as long as you have some FERTILE GROUND beneath them they will do their job for you.

A great help to any weekender!

When I say fertile ground what do I mean?

Well, that's pretty simple: Reasonably loose soil that has room at the top for something to take hold (like the seed).

Just a bare place will usually work.Nothing more than that!

SO have fun with some of these great self-sowing annuals that will save you tremendous amounts of time---and we always like that, right?

Till tommorow--Victor K. Pryles http://creativepops.com/garden.index

P.S. If you haven't already created a special folder to place this tip into---why not do it now? It's something you'll be glad to have as we GROW together!

Welcome Weekend Gardeners!

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