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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Window Boxes

"One is nearer God's Heart in a garden
Than anywhere else on earth."

Dorothy Frances Gurney, 1858-1932 English Poet

Have you considered dressing up your house with window boxes which overflow with flowers?

Window boxes bring color and spirit to barren facades, as well as considerable pleasure to those who tend them.

There are many types of boxes you can use including:

cast cement
molded terra cotta
and fiberglass.

Try and avoid metal boxes because they will likely rust in a few seasons, and if placed on sunny sills will transmit heat, which will burn the roots.

Securely attach each window box (there are many fixtures that your local hardware store can direct you to), no matter how wide your support is.

To prepare for planting, cover the bottom with a layer of landscape fabric or plastic screen. This will hold soil in place while allowing water to drain.

Fill the box about 3/4 full with any all-purpose potting mix, then stir in several trowels each of perlite and organic matter such as leaf mold, aged manure, or compost.

Experiment with different plants that offer contrasting leaf sizes and plant outlines. Try bushy plants for bulk, tall plants for a vertical accent and pendulous species for a graceful cascade over the sides of your window box.

Then take a drive around your house and pretend your a tourist so you can enjoy the all new window treatments you've created so wonderfully!

Victor K. Pryles


Imagine... your windows dressed with classy, crisp roman shades... soft, luxurious butterfly shades... or sheer, unlined shades... designed and created by you!

Imagine the surprised expressions on your friends' faces, when they complement you on your fabulous, professional window treatments... and you proudly say, "I made them!"

Imagine the hundreds... even thousands of dollars you'll save when you don't have to pay a professional to make the window treatments for you?

I've got them on my windows (though my talented aunt made them, not me) and we all love them so much!