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Monday, June 05, 2006

Oh! The Tangled Web Of Decietful Ground Cover

It's a real shock to find that so many ground covers are plants that are listed as such AND as weeds in popular gardening publications. Ironically, the very qaulities that make ground covers so desirable can make them a menace to Weekend Gardener's like us.

Ground covers are meant to spread--- but some of the best spreaders are just too 'slap happy' about it. They literally swamp areas of lawn. Be very careful when buying ground cover that you know little about; you may be paying a high price for a real pest.

It's fine to look through catalogs for other forms of ground cover, in fact, my 'Big Three' (see last post) barely scratches the surface as to what's available on the market, but do your research and watch your pocketbook. These other forms may well be suited to your needs, but my purpose in writing my book is to simplify your chores, while making your lawn beautiful.

In my next blog post I'll zero in and tell you exactly which ground covers to avoid at all costs!