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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Sexy Flowers

He plants trees to benefit another generation.
Caecilius Statius (220 BC - 168 BC), Synephebi

Mind if I get risque with today's tip? How about that shocking little word---SEX?

Although most flowers are hermaphrodites, which means they contain both male and female parts, that is not true for every plant species. Some plants have seperate male and female flowers, referred to as staminate and pistillate, respectively.

Sometimes the seperate flowers are borne on the same plant, as is the case with vegetables such as cucumbers and corn. Sometimes the seperate flowers are born on different plants, as is the case with buckthorn, willows, hollies, and many others.

So, when you come across the word pistillate, you'll know what it stands for dear Blog visitor..

Feeling a little frisky, yet?

Victor K. Pryles
"The Weekend Gardener"