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Thursday, January 18, 2007

An Herb Garden That Survives Winter

A reader of "The Weekend Gardener" recently asked: " I would like to plan an herb garden, but don't want to be putting in annuals every season. What herbs can I include that will survive winters in zone 6?"

Oh, boy! There are so many hardy herbs that fit your needs! It would be wise to refine your plan a little before making some choices. Is it a culinary herb garden? If so, try chives, garlic chives, fennel, sage, tarragon, thymes, winter savory, and--- as long as you keep its roots confined--- mint.

If you're interest is more in medicinals, you'll want arnica, catnip, echinacea, feverfew, valerian, and comfrey (which should be used only externally, no matter what you may hear).

Don't forget some annual herbs are such rampant self-sowers that you'll have to plant them only once. Borage, dill, chervil, and coriander will come back reliably year after year as long as you let some plants go to seed. They won't necessarily come right where you want them, but a little untidiness never hurt anyone, and they are easily weeded out if they are really in the way.