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Monday, September 18, 2006

Kissing Trees

What is it about genus arboretum that socks us in the figurative solar plexus? We see a logging truck go cruising down the road, stacked with a bunch of those fresh-cut giants, we feel like we lost a brother.

Next thing you know, we're in The Brick, we're flopping money down on the bar. Wood. We're under a roof.


We're walking the floors. Wood. Grabbing a pool cue. That's wood.

Our friends in the forest carry a set of luggage from the mythical baggage carousel. Tree of life, tree of knowledge, family tree, Budda's Bodhi tree. Page one of life, in the beginning.

Genesis 3:22. Adam and Eve. They're kicking back in the garden of Eden and boom, they get an eviction notice. Why is that? "Lest they should also take of the tree of life, eat and live forever." A definitive Yahweh no-no. Be good to yourself, go out and plant a wet one on a tree.

Diane Frolov and Robin Green, Northern Exposure, Old Tree, 1993

Victor K. Pryles

P.S. I know this wasn't really a tip---but in a way the best of all! Loving nature is what gardeners do! And the best gardeners have a super sense of humor!

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