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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Advantages Of Using Ground Covers in PLace Of Lawns

Once filled in, the ground cover crowds out most weeks.

  • Fallen tree leaves usually require little or no removal since they sift to the ground through the cover and act like a natural mulch.

  • Once established, the gorund cover requires only occasional maintenence, if any.

  • Mowing a lawn where trees and shrubs are planted in an island formation is easier than mowing around trees and shrubs in an open landscape, becasue bumpy roots and overhanging branches don't become obstacles to your mowing.

  • You also won't risk injuring those trunks with the mower.

  • Most ground covers make a very attractive landscap plants in their own right; they can add beautiful foliage, and texture to your backyard vista.

Ground Cover As A Happy Compromise
You must reach a happy compromise when choosing a ground cover for your low-maintenence landscape by reminding yourself that nothing's perfect. The best ground covers spread rapidly and shade out weeds, or they wouldn't be desirable for your goal of an easier gardening experience. These ground covers need discipline to stay put. Beat them back from time to time and show them who's boss!
Regardless of how strict you need to be here it's surely better than dealing with more lawn.